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Workshop - Preparation course

In for Group Session - Get stronger in the You ear!


We run for half a day, we die together and do a Self-Assessment Form - Personal Growth and Strengthening.


We make a ranking of where we are in life and what we want out of our existence.


Together we talk through our answers to the questions and that I of course inform and present what the main weekend course Saturday-Sunday of approx. 20 hours will contain


It is a solid job of yours that awaits then, so I reason that a preparation may be in order if you really have the opportunity to be there for the whole weekend, which may turn out to be tough and challenging. 

I will  of course always there for you when you feel that you come across patrol in the form of, for example, emerging misdeeds and traumas etc.



The price for this half-day is SEK 495, which is of course deducted from the total price of the weekend course, which can also be divided into two installments in terms of when the salary rolls into the account. 



The structure of the weekend course looks like this:



The following dates apply to this preparation for the long weekend course. The next day, the course starts if you choose to follow along for the entire trip.


8/3     at 09.00


15/3     at 09.00


22/3     at 09:00


Wishing you a warm welcome 🙏🏾❤️


ATTENTION!!! There is no requirement to attend the weekend course if you just feel like attending a 4-hour workshop! 

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