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Your Employees' Health 

With today's all kinds of problems and challenges, it is especially important that your employees feel decent at your workplace.  You, the Employer, obviously care about them, feel free to contact me as a Conversation Coach and Psychosynthesis Therapist, for individual conversations in those who feel the need to talk to an outsider about their thoughts, challenges and problems, which are present in all of our lives.  ;  

Get in touch and we'll put together a plan of how it can look for you!

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Price: Offered after the agreed arrangement. 

Bra arbetsplats, god företagskultur,  Trivsel på jobbet, Inspirerande arbetsplats, utvecklande arbete
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The staff - Company Strength 

1. Be transparent!

Transparency is important for maintaining employee happiness. Of course, money and benefits are important, but your employees want to know how the company is doing and feel included. Provide continuous information where you are honest about what is happening, even if nothing happened, in as much detail as you can.

2. Work-life balance is important

The best employers create a working climate where employees enjoy their work, and where work is allowed to be part of an otherwise rich life.

3. Encourage the coffee break

Create places where employees can meet, talk and share ideas. Encouraging relaxed coffee breaks can ultimately return a lot in terms of innovation and creativity.

4. Showcase career opportunities at your company

Make sure your employees feel they can develop and take the next step in their career within your company. It can be by consistently informing about opportunities for education or clear paths to climb in the career.

5. Pay attention to and reward employees

Achieving goals and receiving recognition motivates most people. If they take on challenges, show that you saw it. It can be as simple as a flower, or an attention-grabbing compliment in the hallway.

6. Help your staff stay fit

A happy, safe and healthy staff is of course a great personal gain for the individual and the atmosphere in the company. And more and more employers have noticed that it also pays for the company to lower health costs by supporting employees to good health through, for example, wellness benefits or exercise opportunities.

7. Offer extra salary benefits

When it comes to benefits in addition to the salary, it is often appreciated that the employer thinks about that little extra, in addition to the usual traditional benefits. Maybe a membership to a better gym or daily lunches is what makes your staff stick around?

8. Reduce emails and meetings

A cluttered inbox wastes time and reduces productivity. The same applies to unnecessary meeting time. Have clear goals for every email and meeting and you create more time for your employees to do their job and reduce the stress level.

9. Stay in touch

Take the chance to regularly talk to your employees one-on-one, over a cup of coffee. Or invite the working group to lunch sometimes, without a clear agenda. Chances of small talk give you the opportunity to catch problems or opportunities at an early stage and improve your relationship.

10. Do a survey every year

Don't miss the annual one

the employee survey, even if your company is smaller. When you measure things like satisfaction and willingness to recommend your company to others, you have clear figures on what you can improve and follow up next year.

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